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Springdale Police Department

The Springdale Police Department’s mission is to uphold the law and protect the citizens of Springdale and its visitors, by providing quality policing services in a professional and ethical manner. Through a community partnership, the Springdale Police Department will provide protection of roads and neighborhoods, services for victims of crime, establish and nurture neighborhood watch groups, and provide community and school events.

The Springdale Police Department envisions itself expanding with the community, while maintaining the courtesy of a small agency. Springdale Police officers will have reputations for ethical behavior, professionalism, responsiveness, integrity, and trustworthiness.

The Springdale Police Department holds the following values:

  • Community. The Springdale Police Department’s purpose is to serve the community, and we believe that all citizens of Springdale have the right to feel safe in their community.
  • Integrity & Ethical Behavior. The Springdale Police Department is committed to hiring officers with high moral codes, with a dedication to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics as published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
  • Accountability & Transparency. The Springdale Police Department strives to protect the public interest through strong accountability measures and fostering the community’s trust of the department.

The heart of the Springdale Police Department can be conveyed in the following motto: Ready to Protect, Proud to Serve

The Springdale Police Department would like to remind everyone that if you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to call for assistance or to make a report. For non-emergencies, please call the Police Department at 803-796-3160 and for emergencies always dial 911.

Meet our Staff

Andrew “Bear” Richbourg Headshot

Andrew “Bear” Richbourg
Chief of Police


Chief Andrew "Bear" Richbourg, Chief of Police

Chief Richbourg has served with the Springdale Police Department since April 2017 where he served as Lieutenant over Investigations.  Prior to working at the Town of Springdale, Chief Richbourg worked at the City of Columbia where he served as a Major Crimes Investigator for several years. Chief Richbourg has received several awards throughout his career including the Police Shield and Officer of the Year award from the City of Columbia. Since his career with the Town of Springdale, he has completed the FBI Child Abduction Training, FBI Digital Imaging & Video Recovery Team Training, and also the FBI Carolina Command College. Chief Richbourg has obtained his Master of Criminal Justice Degree from Columbia College. Chief Richbourg is a member of the South Carolina Police Chiefs Association and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Chief Richbourg is also an Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor for Midlands Technical College.

Phone:  803-794-5411      Email:  arichbourg@springdalesc.com


The Investigation Division is responsible for investigating unresolved criminal incidents reported to the Springdale Police Department. This division also processes crime scenes, collects evidence, and processes/serves criminal warrants. They are responsible for sending missing person’s information to SLED to activate the Amber Alert System.

If you have been the victim of a crime and you have questions concerning your case, please call the Investigations Division at 803-737-1359.

Special Operations

In an attempt to ensure that we are offering the best services for the Town of Springdale, the Springdale Police Department has incorporated the use of specialized units such as the Community Relations Officer / Crime Prevention Officer, K-9's, McGruff the crime dog, etc. The Springdale Police Department will continue to utilize units such as these and will continue to explore other specialized units to help protect our citizens.

Code Enforcement

In the interest of providing residents with the best quality of life, the Springdale Police Department employs a code enforcement officer in an effort to deter crime by keeping the town beautiful and welcoming for both residents and visitors. Code enforcement is responsible for ensuring that the Town Ordinances are followed by the residents and businesses within Springdale. This includes the maintenance of properties and structures, and having the applicable permits and business licenses required for work within the town. If you have any questions regarding Town Ordinances or would like to report a violation, please contact Officer DeVore at edevore@springdalesc.com or at 803-796-3160.

My 911 Program and the Vial of Life Program

My 911 is designed to assist emergency responders when responding to a call for service at your home, business or any other type of emergency that may occur. The My 911 Program provides emergency responders with critical information about you, your residence and family members to contact in emergency situations. In conjunction with the My 911 Program is the Vial for Life Program. This program will provide emergency responders with life saving medical information that is needed during an emergency situation. These programs are run through Lexington County and are used only by Lexington County Personnel in the event of an emergency. You may fill out this document online at www.lex-co.com/My911 or print and mail it to:

Lexington Communications Center
ATTN: My 911 
434 Ball Park Road, Lexington SC 29073

SC Department of Motor Vehicles Emergency Contact Form

The SC Department of Motor Vehicle has developed an Emergency Contact option that can be accessed by emergency responders in the event of an emergency. This information would provide emergency responders with an emergency point of contact that can be contacted by emergency personnel in a time when you may not be able to provide information. This information would not be available to the public. You may use the walk through form to help you set this up through the SC Department of Motor Vehicles website or you may visit your local DMV branch.

If there are any questions for any of these programs you may contact the Springdale Police Department at 803-796-3160. 

Victim’s Assistance

The goal of the Springdale Police Department is to provide law enforcement services that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all its citizens. Paramount to this effort is the protection of citizens who have been victimized by crime. To this end, the Springdale Police Department employs a Victim's Advocate to ensure the impartial, respectful and prompt delivery of victim services. Provided on this page, you will find some helpful information and links.

The Victim's Advocate can assist with many types of resources and services. Some of which include:

  • Providing emotional and moral support
  • Providing you with information on your rights as a victim of crime
  • Assistance with providing information on the status of your case
  • Acting as a liaison between crime victims, police officers, investigators and community based agencies
  • Court Accompaniment, transportation to and from court, help prepare victims for court and advocate on behalf of victim in court
  • Arrange for professional counseling and support groups
  • Provide information on Victim's rights, services and procedures
  • Provide applications and information on SOVA (State Office of Victim's Assistance) and assist in completion of form
  • Participate in community programs and outreach in an effort to further educate and become a more integral part of the community

Under S.C. Law, crime victims have the following rights:

  • To be treated with fairness, dignity, respect and to be free from intimidation, harassment or abuse.
  • To be informed of your Constitutional Rights.
  • To be reasonably informed when the accused or convicted person is arrested, released or has escaped.
  • To be informed of and present at all Criminal Proceedings which are indicative of the charges where the defendant has a right to be present.
  • To be heard at any proceeding involving a post-arrest release decision, a plea or sentencing.
  • To be reasonably protected from the accused or persons acting on his behalf throughout the Criminal Justice System.
  • To confer with the prosecution, after the crime against the victim has been charged, before trial, or before any disposition.
  • To have reasonable access after the conclusion of the Criminal investigation to all documents relating to the crime against the person.
  • To receive prompt and full restitution from the convicted person, or the conduct that caused the victim’s loss or injury including both adult and juvenile offenders.
  • To be informed of any proceeding when any post-conviction is being considered and to be present at any post-conviction hearing involving a post-conviction release decision.
  • To a reasonable disposition and prompt and final conclusion of the case.
  • Additionally, as a crime victim, you may submit a written statement before sentencing. You may also request restitution if you provide full details of financial impact in a timely manner.

Under S.C. Law, in order to fully exercise your rights as a crime victim, you have certain responsibilities. These are:

  • Provide each agency involved in your case with your current legal name, mailing address and telephone numbers.
  • Notify the appropriate authority if you desire to be present for future hearings.
  • Contact your Victim Advocate if you are harassed or threatened.

A victim of crime who has suffered physical injury, psychological trauma, or death of a family member may be eligible for compensation benefits if:

  • The crime is reported to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency within 48 hours.
  • A claim is filed within 180 days of the crime.
  • A victim fully cooperates with all Law Enforcement Agencies and the State Office of Victim’s Assistance.
  • The victim was not engaged in any illegal activity at the time of the crime.


Police Department Documents

Citizen Complaint Form

Police Employment Application

Police Patrol Request Form

Contact Info

For non-emergencies, please call the Police Department at 803-796-3160 and for emergencies always dial 911.

The Springdale Police Department is committed to providing superior levels of community service, professional competence, and discipline. If you would like to submit a compliment or complaint concerning the department or any employee, please complete the Citizen's Complain Form, and return it to the attention of Chief Andrew Richbourg via mail or by email.


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